Arc emission spectrometer for express analysis of various samples

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SPAS-01 is a classical arc optical emission spectrometer for express spectrum analysis of powders. The application range of this product is very extensive. It can analyze both conductive and non-conductive samples. It can process any powdered samples. Such samples include sand, soil, rock specimen, bottom deposits, glass, ceramics, metal chips, machine oil (for wear particles content) and other similar items. In fact, it can atomize, excite and analyze any content of the sample cell (a hollow carbon electrode). Metal rods can be analyzed directly when used as counter-electrodes.

These spectrometers were very popular in the past, yet were gradually replaced by focused solutions. For example, spark spectrometers, including ISKROLINE 100 and ISKROLINE 300, perform better in express analysis of metals and alloys, while express analysis of fluids would rather require an ICP spectrometer. Yet, a range of tasks that are best performed by arc solutions still exists. In the first place, it includes express analysis of powdered non-conductive materials. For example, soil samples can be processed with the aid of ICP spectrometers, yet such samples have to be dissolved first. This process may take as long as 24 hours, and it can hardly be called express analysis. SPAS-01 offers immediate analysis of such materials with minimized sample preparation. At the same time, it offers high accuracy combined with low detection limits. An alternative solution to this type of spectrometers would be X-ray spectroscopy. However, similar instruments delivering similar quality performance are tenfold or more expensive and still require sample preparation consisting in powdering the sample and followed by pelletizing into a relatively large pellet.

The three key factors preventing arc spectrometers from becoming history:

  • unique capabilities for solving the tasks where other solutions are either inapplicable or cost ineffective.

  • speed – one sample can be tested within less than 1 minute.

  • versatility – an extensive application range. While some tasks will require sample preparation and others can be solved with the aid of focused solutions, arc spectrometers can solve both.


SPAS-01 arc emission spectrometer applications include:

  • input inspection of raw materials and output quality control in ferrous, non-ferrous and powder metallurgy;
  • tests in mining, concentration and processing industry;
  • production of ultra pure materials;
  • environmental protection;
  • food industry;
  • forensics;
  • R&D etc.

SPAS-01 offers any spectral lines within 185-930 nm with resolution starting from 0.007 nm (185-330 nm range) and from 0.03 nm (330-930 nm range) for spectral analysis.

SPAS-01 3σ detecting sensitivity in element spectral analysis of solid samples ranges from below 10-5 to 10-4 %.

The instrument consists of a spectrum excitation source based on PRIMA A arc discharge generator and a USHT-4 universal stand, a 2S36501633 spectrograph, a 24 linear CCD unit system, a control PC and a housing with operator work station.

Special features

  • PRIMA A arc discharge generator features the following benefits compared to its predecessors ( DG-2, IVS-23, UGE-4):
    • 20-30 fold better current stability: max. 0.5% variation, no relation to change of electrode gap;
    • user defined dependence of arc current on time;
    • current presetting without ignition of the sample;
    • no ballast resistance;
    • high efficiency: min. 80% performance factor;
    • 90% power saving at the same output rate;
    • no interference in operation of PC and other electronic devices;
    • no acoustic noise during operation;
    • manual and auto operation modes;
    • 30-50 times weight reduction and 20-40 times volume reduction;
    • startup and daily maintenance free.
  • Spectrograph 2S36501633:
    • the tandem design of this model is the most efficient solution for wide range high illumination spectrographs;
    • premium concave diffraction grating;
    • our know-how allows achieving virtually utmost spectral resolution performance for this class of spectroscopy instruments (from 0.007 nm within 185-330 nm range);
    • exceptional thermal stability of the settings.
  • The registration system digitizes the CCD analog signals in 16-bit format and saves the output in the internal memory (the memory capacity allows storing up to 500 frames);
    • digital signal pre-processing;
    • SPAS-01 features a detection system supporting up to 24 CCD units;
    • synchronized processing of all linear CCD signals allows subsequent correlation processing of data;
    • frame accumulation time may vary within 0.004 — 60.0 range at a 0.004 s increment;
    • the registration system circuit board is designed to resist harsh operating environments, i.e. vicinity to powerful EMI sources (spark, arc, HF and SHF discharge generators) or operation in low pressure environment (as low as 0.001 mBar) which causes reduced heat exchange;
    • oscilloscope mode available for burnoff curve plotting and analysis for all analytical lines.
  • SPAS-01 spectrometers are controlled by the latest version of WindowsXP/7/10 compatible PPM Pro software package:
    • spectrum excitation source and registration system control;
    • three user access levels for various operator skills, from routine measurements (beginner lab technician level) to creation of new and revision of the existing analytical programs (for highly skilled spectral analysts);
    • recording and visualization of spectral data with easy navigation across the spectrum, spectral line identification, etc.;
    • an extensive database on spectral lines for their identification within the spectrum and qualitative evaluation;
    • allows personified adjustment for background amount and behavior on line by line basis for signal detection net of unwanted plasma emission, which is beneficial for sensitivity and accuracy;
    • allows using several analytical lines for each analyzed element, thus delivering by default hundred and thousand fold expansion of the dynamic range concentration wise, thus delivering virtually unlimited capabilities for analyzing the maximum concentrations of impurities;
    • enabling/disabling auto adjustment for inter-element additive and multiplication effect;
    • allows adjustment for base dilution;
    • single and double point recalibration.


Concentration test range, % from 10-5 – 10-4 to double digit values
Random relative error (subject to measurement conditions), % 5 – 15
Spectrum excitation source Arc discharge types 3-20A unipolar arc
3-18A unipolar arc
3-8A intermittent arc
Max. arc current stability, %
(200-250V supply range, regardless of electrode gap change )
Max. power consumption, kW 1.5
Dimensions, mm 110 х 370 х 520
Max. weight, kg 7
Operating spectrum range, nm 185 – 930
Average spectrum resolution, nm range, nm  
185 – 330 0.007 - 0.01
330 – 930 0.03 - 0.05
Average inverse linear variance, nm/mm range, nm  
185 – 330 0.56
330 – 930 1.8
Photo sensors (TCD1304DG , linear CCD detectors by TOSHIBA), units max. 24
Frame length, s 0.004 – 60
Frame count 1 – 500
Data interface USB2.0
Frame transmission mode all frames available
frame average available
Power supply (220+22-33) V, (50±2) Hz
Max. power consumption, W plasma off 500
plasma on 2000
Max. weight, kg 250
* - maximum concentration level of impurities detectable by Iskroline spectrometers is virtually unlimited due to synchronized elemental content quantification on several high and low intensity analytical lines of the related element (so-called “strong” and “weak” lines). It is the “weak” lines that help to increase the dynamic measuring range concentration-wise hundred- and thousand-fold.

Metrological properties

Concentration test range for various samples from (10-5 – 10-4) % to double digit % values at 5-15% random relative error (subject to measurement conditions).


Minimum floor space required: 5 sq.m.

Габариты дугового спектрометра СПАС-01

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