Business opportunities

Business opportunities with ISKROLINE

OES engineering, production, marketing and support

We are devoted to engineering, production, marketing and support of OES based on various spectrum excitation sources (spark, arc, HF, UHF and laser discharge).

Our sales team has been successfully promoting Iskroline products in Russian and CIS markets for over a decade, and now we have set up medium and small batch production of several product models and offer prompt and timely delivery, commissioning, training, support and remote troubleshooting.

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Partnership with dealers

Top quality, accuracy and reliability make our instruments competitive both nationally and internationally. We are open to partnership with businesses that are interested in the promotion of our products in Russia and CIS. We offer customer authorization and related support, contractual flexibility and beneficial partnership conditions.

Authorized service facilities

In order to enhance our customer service we are planning to a major expansion of our local and international service facilities in the near future. We welcome independent engineers, companies and professional service centers to partnership with us.

International partnership

Our short-term plans are focused on developing regular deliveries of our products to Middle East, South America, South-East Asia, India, etc. We are looking for Russian companies with a successful business record in these markets and interested in business profile expansion and for international engineering professionals and companies interested in becoming our agent or authorized service facility in the related market or region.


We design and produce all our products. We do not outsource any components or units of our spectrometers.

Warranty and support

We offer fast warranty and post-warranty support for all our products both at plant in St. Petersburg and on site.


The prices can be quoted in any of the 3 currencies below: RUB, USD, EUR. Due to our flexible payment policy and loyalty to our customers we are always able to offer the best price and payment terms.


We can ship our products internationally by any carrier. We also offer assistance with customs clearance and product delivery to the agreed customs terminal.

Partnership with Iskroline

We have helped over 250 clients to solve challenging tasks.
Please feel free to contact us for advice or assistance.

+7 812 318-44-20