About us


Engineering and production of advanced atomic emission spectrometers

Founded in 2010, ISKROLINE Inc. is devoted to engineering, production, marketing and support of OES based on various spectrum excitation sources (spark, arc, HF, UHF and laser discharge).

Our business includes three key areas:

  • in-house and contract R&D,
  • production of major components of our systems including:
    • spectra excitation sources,
    • spectrography systems,
    • registration systems,
    • control systems and software,
  • production, marketing, sales and support of our products.

Our team consists of top class professionals. Most of them have over 10-20 years successful and valuable track record in such areas as optical and spectral instruments engineering, pulsed power electronics (including HF and UHF ranges) and microelectronics, software engineering and programming, engineering design, overall management, logistics and production management, marketing, finance and economics.

Our mission consists in production, marketing and support of state-of-the-art high-tech spectrometers and continuous improvement of our products and services. We are also committed to developing and launching new high-tech products which will facilitate many processes used by our customers and enhance their cost efficiency.

We have been successful in Russian market for over 10 years. Over these years we have been continuously improving and expanding the capabilities and applications of our products. Through close contact with various Russian business sectors, we have been able to develop products with unique engineering and operating specifications. Positive customer feedback about our products says it all.

We are a growing business continuously stepping into new local and CIS markets. Our regional dealers are always at your disposal to answer your questions and offer the best solution for your project.

Our spectrometers worldwide

We have helped over 250 clients to solve challenging tasks.
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Product applications

Ferrous and non-ferrous industry

Express analysis of chemical composition of alloys for melt quality control and finished product certification.

Metal recycling

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap sorting and grading. Express analysis of chemical composition of alloys for melt quality control and finished product certification.


Input inspection (alloy grade identification and verification), melt control and finished product inspection, certifying inspection.

Metal working, machine engineering etc.

Input inspection, outsourced material grade identification and verification.

Complex alloy and purity material inspection

Quantification of purity and super purity metals (copper, aluminum, lead, etc.), chemical analysis of complex and super complex alloys.

R&D laboratories

Spectral resolution from 0,007 nm. Our spectrometers capture the entire spectrum of the stated range without any gaps.