Optical emission spectrometers

Express analysis of metal and alloy components:

  • Analysis of iron and low, medium and high alloy steel
  • Non-ferrous metal and alloy analysis
  • Material grade testing, verification and identification
  • Gap-free spectral range
  • Min. time - 14s
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«Iskroline» spectrometers

Excellent performance, easy to use, accuracy and reliability

Quality and reliability

24x7 cycle, easy operating environment, low cost to own and maintenance friendliness.

Unique solutions

High thermal stability. Gas discharge arrester. Digitally controlled discharge, etc.

Metal and alloy analysis

Various bases (Fe, Al, Cu, Sn, Sb, Ni, Co, Mg etc.) with 3σ detection limit of 0.0001% or better (subject to element type).

Extended spectral range

174-930 nm. continuous wavelength range (including P, S, C, N, H, O, alkaline and alkaline earth element lines with 0.007 nm. or better resolution.

OES Features

Designed for express emission spectroscopy (below 27 s) of metals and alloys.
Application: from machinery engineering and metallurgy companies to R&D facilities.

Metal and alloy analysis

Precision analysis of alloying elements and impurities S, P, C, Si, Cu, Mg, Ti, Fe, W, Nb, Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, V etc. in conductiv samples with varying bases.


Analysis of heterogeneous, small, miniature and complex samples.


We will provide custom-tailored setup of your spectrometer based on your samples, tasks, goals and conditions. We provide hardware and know-how support to R&D lab facilities.

National registration

All our spectrometers are listed in the national Registers of measuring instruments in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc.

Grade validation

Ferrous and non-ferrous alloy grade verification and identification (including complex custom alloys).

Compatible with industrial environment

Our spectrometers can be operated in industrial environment subject to meeting the related operating conditions. Designed for 24x7 operation.

Product upgrade

Successful track record in upgrading early spectrometer versions (DFS, MFS, ISP). Component upgrade or total spectrometer trade-in on special terms.

Installation and training

Some spectrometers do not need any professional installation. We provide operator training. On-site training and installation available.

Complete warranty

Full one-year warranty on all components and parts with optional 12 or 24 month extension. Free remote support throughout product service life.

OES Lease

You can test our spectrometers on operating lease basis. You can choose between leasing a spectrometer and having your samples tested in our laboratory. Our lease terms are negotiable.

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Our top sellers

Iskroline top sellers.

Spectrometer «Iskroline 100»

Iskroline 100 benchtop emission spectrometer is a state-of-the-art metal and alloy analyzer.

It is primarily designed for accurate and fast analysis of conductive samples with various bases (Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ni, Ti, Co, Mg etc.) and quantification of alloying elements and impurities: C, Si, Cu, S, P, Mg, Ti, Fe, W, Nb, Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, V etc.

Benchtop emission spectrometer.

Express analysis (below 30 s).

Listed in Russian register of measuring instruments.

Any spectrum lines within the 171-441 nm range (including P, S and C) with up to 0.02 nm resolution.

Max. average inverse linear variance: 1.4 nm/mm. Detection limit: 0.0001% or better (3σ-based).

7 liner CCD Detectors.

330 mm Rowland circle.


spectrometer «Iskroline 100»

Spectrometer «Iskroline 300»

Flagship emission spectrometer
ISKROLINE 300, our laboratory grade stationary emission spectrometer, is designed for fast and accurate analysis of metals and alloys with various bases (Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, Sn, Ni, Ti, Co, Mg etc.) for quantification of the following alloying elements and impurities: S, P, C, Si, Cu, Mg, Fe, Ti, W, Nb, Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, V, etc.

Laboratory grade emission spectrometer.

Chemical analysis of complex and super-complex alloys.

High measurement repeatability.

Best-in-class. Express analysis.

Listed in Russian register of measuring instruments.

Registration system with 30 linear CCD Detectors.

Any spectral lines within 174-930 nm range detectable, including P, N, H, alkaline and alkaline earth element lines with resolution starting from 0.007 nm.

Complete spectral range free of any process-related gaps. Guaranteed.

0.56 nm/mm average inverse linear variance. Detection limit: 0.0001% or better (3σ-based).

500 mm Rowland circle.


spectrometer «Iskroline 300»

Maximum concentration level of impurities detectable by Iskroline spectrometers is virtually unlimited due to synchronized elemental content quantification on several high and low intensity analytical lines of the related element (so-called “strong” and “weak” lines). It is the ‘weak” lines that help to increase the dynamic measuring range concentration-wise hundred- and thousand-fold.

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Iskroline 100

benchtop emission spectrometer

Iskroline 300

laboratory grade emission spectrometer


SPARK emission spectrometer with laser ablation


arc spectrometer

Inerta 50

inert gas purifier

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Reviews of iskroline

We are extremely grateful to Iskroline for the opportunity to use their spectrometers in our R&D tests of compositional uniformity of Co-Fe alloy targets for PVD processing.

V. Voronin

R&D Vice President
Reviews of spectrometers

This instrument is precise, accurate and reliable. We use it for in-process chemical analysis of iron and steel and source mixture. Measuring performance always conforms to the national accuracy standards.

TMT (Belarus)

Laboratory Director
Reviews of iskroline spectrometers for metal analysis and alloys

With this spectrometer we have been able to cut down our metal input inspection to 20-30 minutes and significantly reduce harmful exposure. Previously such inspection would require as much as 72 hours. ISKROLINE 100 is an extremely beneficial experience, and it can be recommended for industrial application.

P. Yakovlev

Centralized Laboratory Director, JSC Sibneftemash
Reviews of iskroline spectrometers

Our company has been using this instrument since 2013. We use it for chemical analysis of ferrous metals (low carbon steel). Iskroline 100 has proved to be a very positive experience in operation. We also appreciate the professional support provided by the manufacturer.

V. Kanov

Serov Metallurgical College Director
Reviews of iskroline spectrometers for metal analysis

It is a high performance and user friendly spectrometer. It has delivered excellent quality and repeatability. We enjoyed most its simple calibration procedure and extensive range of detectable metals and alloys.

D. Grishin

FERRO Ltd. Sales Director

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