Inert gas purifier

Inert gas purifier

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Inerta 50

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Advanced process equipment often involves use of various inert gases (argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon). Minimized contamination of process gas, i.e. use of ultra pure gases, is pre-requisite for proper and accurate performance of such systems and instruments. Any noticeable contamination (above 0.002%) affects quality and analytical performance of the equipment, makes analysis impossible at all, and in some cases even it can even lead to equipment failure (primarily, spectroscopy instruments with the optical unit inerting purged with a pure inert gas). Therefore, the purity grade of such gas must be guaranteed.

The quality of commercial bottled gas does not always meet the specifications. Such situations may have various causes: low process control, insufficient decontamination of bottles, etc. Unfortunately, in some cases it is impossible to find a good local supplier, while in other cases the cost of delivery is too high.

INERTA 50 inert gas purifier is a compact solution to such problems. It will be helpful in the following situations:

  • when commercial gas does not meet the stated specifications or has unstable quality. In this case our purifier will perform final purification of the gas to spectral purity grade;
  • when the purity grades available locally do not meet your process specifications (e.g., the most popular spectroscopy grade ultra pure argon containing 0.002 or 20 ppm impurities according to the data sheet, can be further improved with the aid of INERTA 50 to 1 ppm or 99,9999% purity grade).


INERTA 50 is a solution for removal from inert gases (argon, neon, helium, krypton, xenon) of such components as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon oxide and dioxide and humidity. The operating principle of the unit consists in heat-induced decomposition of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen compounds followed by their adsorption by heat-activated adsorbing agents and molecular gate systems.

NERTA 50 is designed for pre-treatment of gases supplied to process plants and rooms, sealed chambers (compartments), gas chromatographs, emission and absorption spectrometers and other R&D and process equipment with strict specifications to the quality of inert gas used for protective atmosphere, plasma or sample transport gas.

INERTA 50 offers exceptional treatment quality due to the high-performance three-stage adsorption system. The residual content of impurities in the inert gas is below 1 ppm.

INERTA 50 version for nitrogen treatment is available. In this case the nitrogen and oxygen removal cartridge is replaced by the cartridge that adsorbs oxygen only.

Special features

  • Exceptional durability due to the high safety margin design of all systems inherent to Russian instrumentation engineering.
  • Safety system for protection from accidents caused by human error, inlet and outlet circuit leaks, power failures and other anomalies.
  • Compact floor-type wheeled design with ergonomic controls layout.
  • Output of all operating modes on the integrated high resolution display.
  • High capacity of adsorbing cartridges with life cycle auto estimation for output gas amount and quality.
  • Minimized lead time.
  • No professional on-site startup.
  • Easy replacement of adsorbing cartridges.
  • Competitive price and cost of operation and maintenance due to high capacity of the adsorbing cartridges.
  • Low heat loss rate.
  • Equipped with wheels for easy moving and feet for stationary installation.




Adsorption chamber heat range 200-750°C
Warm-up time 30 min.
Thermal control Microprocessor type, +/- 1 °C accuracy
Operating ambient temperature from 0 to +40°C
Operating gas flow rate Max. 30 l/min.
Work pressure Max. 10 atm.
Removed contaminants: Oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrocarbons, carbon oxide and dioxide, humidity
Power supply 230 +/-10% V, 50 Hz
Power capacity Max. 2000 VA
Dimensions Height - 1000 mm; width – 400 mm; depth – 600 mm
Net weight Max. 80 kg
Note: Product application for fine treatment of lower weld grade argon, e.g., 95% grade (95% argon, 5% impurities) 99.998% spectroscopy grade (99.998% argon, 0.002% impurities), reduces adsorbing cartridge life cycle (at least by an order of magnitude). This factor has a considerable impact on the operating cost efficiency.


Inerta 50 dimensions (L x W x H, mm): 940 x 400 x 590

Inert gas purifier dimensions

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