A benchtop spectrometer for express analysis of metals and alloys

benchtop spectrometer for express analysis of metals and alloys

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Iskroline 100

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ISKROLINE 100 optical emission spectrometer is a compact (benchtop) system for analysis of conductive samples with the aid of low voltage CLR discharge in argon medium. The operation principle of the instrument is based on emission spectral analysis using the relation between spectral line intensity and element concentration in the sample.

The function of this system consists in delivering precise express analysis of metals and alloys of varying bases (Fe, Al, Cu, Zn, Pb, Ti, Mg, etc.). This spectral analyzer is designed for quantification of the components of both non-ferrous and ferrous metals (cast iron, low, medium and many high alloy steel grades, etc.) by most known alloying elements and impurities, including sulfur, phosphorus and carbon. This spectrometer is able to solve the majority of analytical tasks faced by heavy industry. This fact accounts for the extensive application capabilities of Iskroline 100:

  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy - express analysis of chemical composition of alloys for melt quality control and finished product certification.
  • In metal recycling - the same functions plus ferrous and non-ferrous scrap sorting and grading.
  • Casting - input inspection (alloy grade identification and verification), melt control and finished product inspection, certifying inspection.
  • Metal working, machine engineering etc. - input inspection, outsourced material grade identification and verification.


The instrument detects any spectral lines within the range of 167-460 nm, including the lines of carbon, phosphorous and sulfur. We designed this product so that it would combine compact size (benchtop configuration) with excellent analytical performance for solving most of the routine tasks in various industrial segments. The spectral range of this spectrometer is sufficient for excellent performance of its tasks. At the same time, due to the unique spectrograph setup procedure, its resolution comes close to the theoretically possible limit (due to optical unit dimensions).

ISKROLINE 100 is a best-in-class desktop emission spectrometer in terms of price/analytical capability ratio enhanced by its quality and reliability. The instrument consists of a spectral excitation system based on a SPARKS LCR discharge generator, a 1S2133 vacuum spectrograph, a 7 linear CCD detection unit (option: 9 CCD), and control, gas supply and vacuum systems integrated in a smart housing. This system spectrometer can be used by small and medium-sized businesses as the sole non-destructive analyzer of metals and alloys and as a component of industrial analytical solutions for industrial laboratories and production facilities of large ferrous and non-ferrous industry companies. The key components of the product offer some unique features.

Special features

  • High speed (below 30 s).
  • Low argon consumption due to the unique process of deoxygenation of the spectral unit.
  • High efficiency of LCR discharge generator (in ballast resistance off mode the discharge can be powered by as much as 80% of the main power).
  • Low EMI rate.
  • Extended generator setup range (over 700 combinations).
  • All electrical parameters of the generator related to the metrological performance of the spectrometer are controlled.
  • A wide table allows processing large (over 10 cm) and irregularly shaped samples.
  • The spectrograph is based on the Paschen-Runge mounting and features precision manual adjustment of all optical elements.
  • Exceptional thermal stability achieved without costly solutions;
  • The super high sensitivity of Iskroline 100 within the wavelength range below 185 nm, the airtight casing of spectrograph is vacuum pumped to a residual pressure below 0.1 mBar (10-4atm).
  • Such vacuum pumping is performed by oil-sealed rotary vane pumps at a minimum initial pumping rate of 5 m3/hour.
  • The pumps are equipped with cost effective heavy duty filters to prevent oil vapor release both into the vacuum chamber and into the environment.
  • The registration system digitizes the CCD analog signals in 16-bit format and saves the output in the internal memory (the memory capacity allows storing up to 1000 frames). Digital signal pre-processing.
  • Iskroline 100 features a registration system supporting up to 9 CCD units.
  • Synchronized processing of all linear CCD signals allows subsequen correlation processing of data.
  • Frame accumulation time may vary within 0.004 — 60.0s range at a 0.004 s increment.
  • The design of the registration system circuit board is designed to resist harsh operating environments, i.e. vicinity to powerful EMI sources (spark, arc, HF and SHF discharge generators) or operation in low pressure environment (up to 0.001 mBar) which causes reduced heat exchange.
  • Iskroline 100 is operated on the latest «PPM Pro» software version which is WindowsXP/7/10 compatible and controls the spectral excitation, registration, argon supply and vacuum systems.
  • This control software supports three user access levels for various operator skills, from routine measurements (beginner lab technician level) to creation of new and revision of the existing analytical programs (for highly skilled spectral analysts):
    • records and outputs in graphic format spectral data with easy navigation across the spectrum, spectral line identification, etc.;
    • includes a large database on spectral lines for their identification within the spectrum and qualitative evaluation;
    • allows personified adjustment for background amount and behavior on line by line basis for signal detection net of unwanted plasma emission, which is beneficial for sensitivity and accuracy;
    • allows using several analytical lines for each analyzed element, thus delivering by default hundred and thousand fold expansion of the dynamic range concentration wise, thus delivering virtually unlimited capabilities for analyzing the maximum concentrations of impurities;
    • allows enabling/disabling auto adjustment for inter-element additive and multiplication effect;
    • allows adjustment for base dilution;
    • allows single and double point recalibration;
    • includes a module for auto identification of alloy grades in accordance with Russian and international standards.


Concentration measurement range, % 0.0001 to two-digit values*
Random relative error (depending on element, mass fraction and SRM quality), % below 0.5 – 40
Spectral excitation system Discharge type low voltage monopolar arc in argon medium
Voltage, V 200 - 500
Frequency, Hz 100; 200; 300; 400
Capacitance, µF 2.2; 4.4;
Induction, µH 40, 270, 750, 2400 (by request)
Resistance, Ohm 0.3; 0.99; 3.3
Operating spectrum range, nm 167 – 460
Spectrum resolution, nm 0.02-0.04
Average inverse linear variance, nm/mm 1.44
Photo sensors (TCD1304DG, linear CCD detectors by TOSHIBA), units 9
Frame length, s 0.004 – 60
Frame count 1 – 500
Interface USB2.0
Frame transmission mode all frames available
frame average available
Power supply (220+22-33) V, (50±2) Hz
Max. power consumption, W no spark 500
spark 900
Max. weight, kg 60
* - maximum concentration level of impurities detectable by Iskroline spectrometers is virtually unlimited due to synchronized elemental content quantification on several high and low intensity analytical lines of the related element (so-called “strong” and “weak” lines). It is the “weak” lines that help to increase the dynamic measuring range concentration-wise hundred- and thousand-fold.

Metrological properties

Detection limit is one of the metrological properties that are mandatorily certified during initial calibration of each Iskroline spectrometer. Below you can find several Iskroline 100 calibration certificates

Detection limits, % *
S 0.00006
P 0.00002
C 0.00006
Si 0.00007
Cu 0.0001
Mg 0.0001
Ti 0.00006
W 0.0001
Nb 0.00006
Ni 0.0001
Cr 0.000005
Al 0.0003
Mo 0.0002
V 0.00004
Pb 0.0007
Sb 0.000008
Ag 0.00004
As 0.00001
Mn 0.00006

* The detection limits were calculated in a standard analytical environment on «3σ» basis for Fe, Cu, Al bases using our current procedures.


Iskroline 100 dimensions

spectrometer Iskroline 100 dimensions

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